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We are Professional Reptile Breeders

Ivory Ball Python

25 years and counting!!!  That’s how long we have been in the reptile business.

A lot of people breed snakes. Some have a collection of two. Others have collections of two hundred or even two thousand. Almost all of us started with a love for reptiles. That love turned into a hobby. For some, it remains a hobby that has the ability to pay for itself. For others, the hobby became a business. Every year hobbyists jump into the reptile breeding business. Many do it for the wrong reasons. They see the price tags some animals come with and they have visions of a big payday. It isn’t unusual for these upstarts to get in and and be out inside of a year or two. The business of breeding reptiles is like many others; it’s looks great when you’re on the outside looking in. Unfortunately for the animals they keep, new breeders often find that animal husbandry is a dirty and repetitive job. The day-to-day maintenance isn’t fun if you’re only in it for the money. You’ve got to have the love. You have to be a student of the game. And you have to be all the things that East Coast Reptile Breeder’s is:

Meticulous & Vigilent

  • We are dedicated to the meticulous maintenance of a clean facility and healthy animals. Clean cages, fresh water and quality food items are the foundations of successful husbandry. We don’t waver in our maintenance of our animals.

Knowledgeable & Reachable

  • We know reptiles. Almost everything we sell was produced by us. We provide you with animal history that few other breeders keep.
  • When you need us, you can reach us. We are available to you before AND after the sale to provide information, advice and any guidance you need to help you maintain your animals.

Respected & Permanent

  • We’ve been keeping snakes for a long time and we are known in the industry. To put it plainly, we have a long track record of NOT screwing people over. By being honest with our clients and providing them quality animals at good prices we have developed a well respected reputation.
  • We encourage you to ask about us. If you’d like, we can provide you with the names and contact information of other well-respected individuals in the reptile husbandry industry. Ask them about us. You will like what you hear.

Teacher & Student

  • Sometimes we think we know how snakes tick. Sometimes we’re wrong. Through hands-on experience, participation in the reptile community and a willingness to always learn something new, ECRB is a student of the reptile. In turn, we are eager to pass on what we know. Whether sharing success and failures with other breeders or talking with a first-time snake owner, we are glad to be in the conversation.


Honey Bee Ball Python