Spider Ball Disclaimer

Do ECRB spiders wobble?  Does ECRB guarantee that the spider I am buying won’t develop a wobble?

East Coast Reptile Breeders (ECRB) works to produce wobble-free spiders.  The fact that the wobble is linked to the spider gene is undisputed.  The causes are unknown and the degree to which offspring will display a wobble is not consistently predictable.  Many ball python keepers suggest that all spiders wobble to some degree.  While most spiders do exhibit some degree of wobble our experience suggests that not all do.  We hatch spiders that consistently display no visible wobble.  We also hatch spider ball pythons that wobble.  Sometimes these spiders come from the same clutch of eggs.

We always look for signs of a wobble before selling any animal carrying the spider gene and we try to be as up-front and honest as possible.  We always try to disclose any wobble we have noticed.  Because a wobble is not always present from birth we do not make any promises about the development (or lack thereof) of a wobble in the days, weeks & months that follow the sale. Because of this uncertainty we do not offer any special compensation if a spider does develop a wobble.  Please take this into consideration before making a purchase.

At the buyer’s request we will provide a short video of any animal carrying the spider gene.

The reason why some spiders wobble more than others is not known.  Most people consider the wobble to simply be part of keeping spiders ball pythons. There are many people who have many different theories but little is known for sure.  We are unaware of any proven, wobble-free, line of spider ball python.  The best approach a buyer can take is to buy a spider with the least amount of wobble possible.