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Snake Trades

Yes, we do trades!  But… rarely.

As a general rule we don’t have a taste for trading for animals that we are going to re-sell.  We like to do trades when the animal we receive will become one of our breeders.  This is because our primary focus is breeding, not re-selling/flipping.  We try to avoid re-selling animals because it becomes increasingly difficult to stand behind the animal being sold.  This is not a knock on the quality of other breeder’s production.  It simply means that we prefer to only sell our own production.  Because of the size of our collection and the need to carefully manage its growth we don’t tend to do trades unless it is for higher-end animals.

What we will need to have and/or know about your trade animals

In order for us to consider a trade we are going to want to know some info about the snake(s) you are offering. If you don’t immediately offer the following you can expect an email back from us asking for the following:

  1. Genetics and Gender
  2. Weight (grams)
  3. Current picture(s)
  4. Hatch Date
  5. Feeding habits (mice, rats, ASF’s, live, f/t, etc.)
  6. What value you place on the animal(s)

Ball pythons that may interest us right now:

  • Multi-gene clowns (females)
  • Multi-gene piebald (pied) (females)
  • Orange Dream combos (females)

Other things we would like to trade for:

  • Guns.  If you have a nice firearm that is in excellent condition we may be interested in trading for it.  All of the required legal processes must be followed for any deal involving firearms.  If you are in another state all weapons will have to be sent to my FFL.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.

Things that DO NOT interest us

  • Normal ball pythons of any size or quantity
    • We do not intentionally produce normal ball pythons and the few we do produce are typically sold in wholesale lots to pets stores or larger distributors.
  • Commonly available single-gene males or females (pastels, spiders, mojaves, etc.)
    • We no longer intentionally produce single-gene ball pythons.  We produce all we need through our own projects.
  • Caramel albinos
    • Caramel albinos are beautiful snakes and make some amazing combos; we just don’t work with them.
  • Deserts
    • Until (if) the issues with desert fecundity are resolved we’re not interested in any animal that carries the desert gene.
  • Normal hets or possible hets
  • Anything other than ball pythons (other than guns, gold and silver)
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