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Colin Weaver

Colin Weaver

Located in eastern Virginia, East Coast Reptile Breeders combines a passion for the many and varied reptiles of the world into a business dedicated to providing others with excellent quality reptile investments.

Unlike many other breeders, Colin Weaver wasn’t interested in reptiles at an early age. Colin’s story began much later in life. It wasn’t until his first year of college at Virginia Tech (in 1990) that he began to truly appreciate how wonderful snakes and other reptiles really were. He went from not thinking much of them to owning more than one hundred in less than a year. To say he was bit hard is an understatement.

Like so many others his first snake was a ball python but that didn’t last long. In short order he was keeping Burmese pythons, ground boas of various types, viper boas, colombian & suriname red tail boas, several kinds of monitor lizards, tree frogs, basiliks, amethystine pythons, green tree pythons, kenyan sand boas, carpet pythons, rosy boas, rainbow boas, a laundry list of kingsnakes, corn snakes and milksnakes and anything else he could get his hands on. The experience gained from keeping such a wide variety of animals remains with him to this day.

The early 90’s were good times. Guys like Pete Kahl and Brian Sharp were producing albino boas for the very first time and albino Burmese were all the rage, costing thosands of dollars each. Bob Clark was producing albino retics for the first time. We were still years away from seeing albino and anerythristic kenyan sand boas and the idea of breeding ball pythons for profit was crazy. The hysteria surrounding the ball python market was still years away. What a difference a decade or two can make…

After getting married Colin took some time off as a reptile breeder but soon found himself drawn back into the fold. This time around he, like many others, fell in love with the ball python morphs. Most of his efforts today are in that arena. The ball python possibilities are endless and there are many, many years of work left to be done.