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We’re Going Streaking! Silver Streaking, That Is

Written by : Posted on March 21, 2009 : 5 Comments

The Silver Streak Ball Python.  Less often known by its real name; the Super Pastel Black Pastel Ball Python.

Like many breeders I have male Silver Streaks in my collection.  These days you almost have to.  It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the big breeders so having males with some genetic firepower is a non-negotiable essential.

But for the past few years I have also been working to add female Silver Streaks to my collection.  I’ve manage to add several to my breeding arsenal but this girl

Silver Streak Ball Python

Is the biggest one I’ve got.  She’s a hefty 2700 grams at last weigh in and this is her second year in breeding rotation.  I’ve been breeding her with a Pastel Lesser Ball Python so I’m hoping to get some really cool stuff from her eggs.

  • Pastels (Please, Lord. Please!  No.  Could I be soooooo unlucky?)
  • Super Pastels
  • Pastel Lessers
  • Super Pastel Lessers
  • Black Pewters (Meh.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad to produce em’, just not excited about getting them from this particular pairing)
  • Black Pewter Lessers
  • Silver Streaks
  • Silver Streak Lessers (Booyah!!!  Since I don’t have any of these I’ll be hard-pressed to actually let it go if I should be blessed enough to have one poke its head out of the egg.  If I produce a male, it isn’t even a discussion.  I’ll keep it.  I’ll actually keep the first 2-3 males I produce.  Females will be a different story.)

If she would hurry up and ovulate I’d be a much happier guy.