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The Real Cost of Shipping Reptiles

Written by : Posted on May 21, 2011 : 1 Comment

The Real Cost of Shipping ReptilesShipping reptiles is part of the business.  Though we are many in number we are often far apart and it is a frequent occurrence that the person who has the snake you want lives somewhere other than across town.  And so we ship.  And it’s expensive.  From FedEx to UPS to Delta Dash there is no inexpensive way to do it.  And because it is expensive it is often a point of negotiation in a sale.  Everybody wants the best deal possible when buying a reptile, myself included.  “Give me the very best animal for the lowest price …shipped”, they say.  And so the negotiation begins.

On higher dollar snake purchases it is easier for the seller to absorb the cost of shipping (within the United States).  A normal ball python that weighs 500 grams costs just as much to ship as a

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