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Lie To Us. Prove My Point.

Written by : Posted on June 24, 2009 : No Comments

Yesterday the Orlando Sentinel posted a position piece supporting a nationwide ban on all pythons.  At the end of the article you had the option to vote ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ to their position.  By mid-afternoon more than 2/3 of repsondants had voted ‘thumbs down’, disagreeing with the article.  At that time, the ability to vote was removed from the article.  Today, the site is proudly reporting that 95.1% of respondents AGREED with their article.  Don King would call that a ‘falsitude’.

For the whole story, please read this post by my buddy Adam over at nohr669.com. He breaks it down and has the screen shots to prove it!

I often lament the danger the media poses to the reptile community (amongst other things).  The audacity of the lie that is apparently being told by the Orlando Sentinel is another powerful example of a news source fabricating the truth in an effort to further their own agenda.

If you are a reptile owner and are growing sick of the ridiculous way in which reptiles are being portrayed by the media, please take a moment to contact the editors of the Orlando Sentinel and tell them that you are aware of this deceit and request they post a retraction.

You can contact them via your favorite mechanism by clicking here.