Champagne Lesser Ball Python

Morph Highlights:

  • Two-gene Designer Morph
  • White base color with beautiful yellow hues
  • Despite its simplicity this is a visually stunning combo
  • Seldom seen, only a few have been produced
  • Entire nose is stark white

Genetic Information:

The Champagne Lesser gene is a double-gene designer morph combination:

  • Single gene, dominant trait
  • A super-form of the Champagne gene was produced for the first time in 2012
  • The champagne gene has a reputation for overpowering most other genetic traits
  • A nice champagne or champagne combo is a visually striking animal when you hold it in your hands
  • The multi-gene versions are unique and some are extremely pretty, especially when seen in person
  • The enchi champagne is one of the most heavily patterned champagne combos produced to date

Currently Available Animals with the Champagne Gene: