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Ivory Spider Ball Python

This is the first-ever Ivory Spider Ball Python produced in 2009 by Colin Weaver here at East Coast Reptile Breeders.

I had dreams of a white snake with black spider lines but that was just a pipe dream.  You never know what’s going to happen when you mix the Yellow Belly gene in with things.  That being said, the snake is more patterned than the photos suggest.  I’m interested to see what happens as the snake grows older.  These initial photos were taken just after the snake’s first shed.

Update:  This girl is with her new owner now (http://www.jkobylkareptiles.com/snake_room.php?id=38) and we saw some updated pictures the other day.  Wow!  Her pattern is starting to show more and more.  While I’m a bit sad she is no longer part of my collection I am optimistic because she is in the hands of a breeder with a lot of exceptional morphs with which to pair her.  This may very well end up being a very special morph.  The adults are sure to be stunning.  Since I believe she is the first one to be produced we won’t know what they are going to look like until a year or two from now.  With a little luck we’ll produce some more in the 2010 season.

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2010 was a great year for us with the Ivory Spider project.  The images below show one of the males hatched at ECRB in 2010.

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