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Silver Surfer Ball Python

This is the Ghost Lesser Silver Streak Ball Python.

This is one of the coolest snakes I have ever produced. Despite getting brutalized on the odds on clutch after clutch this season I was fortunate enough to produce 2.0 of these. These guys are hypo super pastel black pastel lesser platinums. Crazy, right? Think of all the things this snake is at once:

  • Ghost
  • Super Pastel
  • Black Pastel
  • Black Pewter
  • Silver Streak
  • Lesser Platinum
  • Ghost Lesser
  • Super Pastel Lesser
  • Ghost Silver Streak
  • Ghost Black Pastel
  • Ghost Black Pewter
  • Ghost Lesser Black Pewter

I’d be glad to have any of those in my collection and the fact that I have all of them in one (twice) just makes me smile.

I don’t think anybody had produced these yet so I’m going to call it the Silver Surfer ball. It seems appropriate.

Here are photos taken just after the animal emerged from the egg:

[nggallery id=19]

And here are some photos taken about 2 months later when the animals was around 200 grams:

[nggallery id=16]

And these photos were taken when the silver surfer was at about 750 grams.  As you can see, the animal continues to go through a lot of color changes as it matures:

[nggallery id=20]