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Black Pastel Yellow Belly Ball Python

I am a huge fan of the black pastel gene and I’m an even bigger fan of the yellow belly gene.  Combining the two into the same animal had the impact I was hoping for:  awesomeness.  This is a fantastic combination that offers a lot of opportunity for future combination.  I love the way this combination goes together and it makes for an exceptional animal.

I have been fortunate enough to create additional combinations that contain both the black pastel and yellow belly genes.  In 2010 we hatched a silver streak yellow belly (het ghost) as well as several black pewter yellow belly’s (also het ghost).  Both of those combinations are also visually stunning.  And as is often the case when the yellow belly gene is involved, the animals continue to become more attractive as they grow.  The ability of the yellow belly gene to bring out deeper and more rich coloration is unmatched.

Our immediate goal is to produce black pastel super stripes.  We are unaware of any having been produced and we are expecting an animal that is just as amazing as the pastel super stripe.  Stay tuned!

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