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It is important for every advanced hobbyists or reptile breeder to build a comprehensive reference library. Listed below are the books we consider to be the essential building blocks of a great library.

Designer Morphs, 2nd Edition by John BerryDesigner-Morphs, Volume One: Ball Python and Boa Constrictor, A Guide to Mutations and Variations

This is currently the definitive guide to ball python morphs. Released in the latter part of 2010 John’s 2nd edition shows some of the most amazing animals produced around the world. This book is an essential reference for any serious ball python breeder and serves as an excellent photographic reference. The second half of this book is dedicated to boa constrictor morphs. Click the image to buy the book.

More Complete Chondro

by Grex Maxwell

Over the past twenty years a lot has been learned about the husbandry and breeding requirements of green tree pythons. This book serves as an excellent reference on those topics as well as providing excellent coverage of the animals natural history and genetics. Green tree pythons remain one of the most popular pythons out there. This book will help you keep them successfully. Click the image to buy the book.

The Complete Suboc - Guide to Trans-Pecos Rat SnakeThe Complete Suboc:

A Comprehensive Guide to the Trans-Pecos Ratsnake

Trans-Pecos ratsnakes, or ‘subocs’ as they are frequently called, are not as prevalent in collections as they could or should be. They are absolutely amazing animals. When the day comes that you decide to keep one, this book is a must-have for you. It is an awesome reference that covers their natural history and husbandry. Click the image to buy the book.

Keeping and Breeding Australian PythonsKeeping and Breeding

Australian Pythons

I really like this book.  It is a straight-forward reference on some very commonly kept Australian pythons as well as some that are rarely (never) seen outside Australia.  Like a lot of people who have been around for more than a handful of years I remember the day when the idea owning a Woma or a Blackhead python was just a dream.  And now you can own them and have a great reference for keeping and breeding them.   Click the image to buy the book.

Complete Ball Python:

A Comprehensive Guide to Care, Breeding, and Genetic Mutations

Despite being a few years older than some other books this is still an excellent reference written by a pioneer of the ball python business. It is still a must-have for any breeder. Click the image to buy the book.