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Welcome to the World, Little Man

…hope you enjoy your stay.

The one moment in time toward which all other efforts point; that brief instant when a baby snake pops its head out of the egg for the first time.  After all these years I still get excited.   364 days of cage cleaning, record keeping, feeding, water bowl changing and male/female pairing all comes to a conclusion at this moment:

Bumble Bee Ball Python Hatching

Bumble Bee Ball Python Hatching

And it is so worth it!  I’ve seen it time and again but it never loses it coolness.  Earlier today I was checking eggs (and happened to have my camera) and caught this bumble bee just as he pushed his head out for the first time.  Seeing their first tongue flick is such a cool thing to witness.  In the photo this little guy is about 3 seconds old.  How awesome is that?!

This is the best time of year.

Click the image below for a close-up.

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Colin Weaver


  1. Jason Rossi July 3, 2009

    Congrats!! Great photo…

  2. Katie July 20, 2009

    that is awesome! i can’t wait to see that happen with my snakes! i hope to have bumblebees sometime soon in the next year- have the perfect beautiful pair of parents! :)

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