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I Can’t Stop Feeding

My rodent delivery day is Friday.  As a result Friday night and Saturday are heavy feeding times.  But I usually get more rodents than I need because I like to feed throughout the week.  I try to keep a small number of rodents all the time (small is a relative amount) because I know it’s on when I open a cage and a ball python gives me that special “let’s do this, let’s eat” look.  Ooooh Yeah!  It’s definitely on!  You know the look, too.  It comes in a few different forms; there’s the S-neck, facing forward, tense body look.  There is also the shoot up out of the cage and defy the laws of physics by holding most of its body suspended in space and perpendicular to the floor look.  And finally, my favorite: you slide open the drawer and they eagerly lift the first 3-4″ of their head and body and look straight up in the air, head darting back and forth, tongue flicking quickly in and out.  In a snakes world rodents seem to rain down from heaven so it makes sense that this is the first place one should check when the possibility of food arises.

Most of the time ball pythons are voracious feeders.  But sometimes …ooooh, sometimes, they can make you crazy with their finicky nature.  So I take the Boy Scout approach and “always be prepared”.  When a ball python wants to eat, it’s going to eat.  That’s it.  If I don’t feed it when it’s giving me all the right signals I know I’ll be kicking myself the following Friday when Murphy’s Law steps in and the snake says, “Nah.  I’m good.  Thanks anyway.  Eat it yourself.”

Colin Weaver

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  1. J-N. Turcotte November 5, 2009

    Nice article. I feed FT and I hate it when I have to trash some cause they just don’t want to eat at that time. I still prefer to trash a few of them, then not offering.

    Even if it mean that I trash a few, I think I will go that way of feeding when one want it.

    Thank you ! I like your articles. Sad I didn’t found it earlier.

    P.S. : I know there is many out there, but an article about your particular husbandry would be fun. To see how you house them etc… But I understand you for not doing it too.

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