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Panda Pied Ball Python Video

Back in November 2008 I was helping my friend Ian from Outback Reptiles at his table at the NARBC reptile trade show.  Most of us know he produced a piebald super black pastel in 2008 and there was a lot of commotion on the web about whether or not it really existed.  The snake was at the show.  There are a few pictures out there but I was rummaging through some old files on my PC and realized I had made some video of the panda pied while at the show.

I posted the video to YouTube but the quality is kinda lame.
Better quality video: If you want better quality here is a larger version of the video of the Panda Pied Ball Python. Here it is:

Update:  October 21, 2009

I have received quite a few questions about how to produce this so here is a little information that should help you out.  In the example below I assume that you are breeding two black pastels that are both 100% het for pied together.  The results are crazy and you can get an idea of just how hard it is to make a panda pied.  Over time, as more people get an actual panda pied it will get easier but for now we’re still playing the het game.  Enjoy:

B – Black Pastel
N – Normal
p – Piebals

Panda Pied Punnet Square (breeding two black pastels het pied together)

Panda Pied combo options (black pastel het pied x black pastel het pied)

Panda pied breeding - Effective results from breeding two black pastel het pied to each other


  1. bill sikora February 18, 2009


  2. Author
    Colin Weaver February 20, 2009

    Thanks Bill. Sadly for me I didn’t produce it. My boy Ian at Outback Reptiles did. He actually sold the animal to another breeder not too long after I shot the video. Hopefully we’ll see her pop up again in a year or two so we can get an idea of how she matures. She is a cool snake. – Colin

  3. Casey Dolan July 18, 2009

    Awe, She’s a cutie. Piebalds are fantastic, I have a normal, but always fascinated by the different colorings of Piebalds.

    How much do they price on average as hatchlings? I may look into purchasing one.

  4. Author
    Colin Weaver July 20, 2009

    Casey, this Panda Pied is still the only one to have been produced. It will be interesting to see how many other breeders produce them this year. Last I heard the original Panda Pied is in the collection of Michael Cole (http://ballroompythonssouth.com/catalog/) and was somewhere in the $18-20K range. Pricey to say the least.

  5. Harm October 22, 2009

    So let me get this right its:
    Black pastel X Piedball = Black pastels 100% het pied
    Black pastels Het Pied X Black Pastels Het Pied = Panda Pied and 8balls
    Or is it:
    Black pastels Het X Black pastels Het = 8ball Hets and than breed those togetha??

  6. Nick Tsiou October 20, 2012

    And why are you not breeding a super black pastel to a pied which gives you 100% black pastels het pied and gives you more pairs to play with in order to produce more easily a panda?

    With respect

  7. Bianca December 16, 2012

    Lovely snake

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