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  • SnakeStrike3

    The Enigmatic Ball Python Appetite

    Even before the designer morph craze, ball pythons were a very popular choice when selecting a pet snake.  Many people will agree that, across the years, the two most popular snakes to choose as pets have been ball pythons and corn snakes.  Their relatively small size and generally casual demeanor make them great choices for people who love snakes but aren’t down with wondering if they are about to get chewed on every time they open the enclosure.  When coupled with the staggering number of color and pattern variations (from both species) it’s easy to see why they are eternal staples of the reptile world.  But despite all of the wonderful qualities that make ball pythons a great choice there is one quality that keepers will inevitably lament:  the ball python appetite.  The feeding response of ball pythons can be nothing short of a mystifying source of frustration. (more…)

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  • vectorzero

    Else the Vector is Zero

    The ball python business, like all businesses, is evolving. I have seen a lot of changes and, through them all, I have endeavored to remain optimistic. That optimism has proved legitimate as the industry continues to be very good to me. Despite my love of the hobby (business) I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses; I regularly contemplate the negative aspects of being a reptile breeder and attempt to make sure I am doing what I can to mitigate them.

    On a seemingly different note, (more…)

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  • The Conundrum of Laissez-Faire Herpetoculture

    Conundrum of Laissez-Faire HerpetocultureLater this year someone is going to break into your house while you are sleeping. They are there to take things that do not belong to them; things you worked for, things you earned. Awakened by the noise they are making you confront them and are stunned to find that the thief is someone you had thought to be a friend. You toss him a loaded gun and scream, “Please don’t shoot me!” A few minutes later, as you lie bleeding on the floor, your precious possessions gone, you cry out, “I was always so nice to him. I can’t believe he shot me.” For reasons unknown it never computes that you put the gun in the thief’s hand. It was you that armed him with the weapon he used to wound you.  Who did you vote for in the last congressional election?  How about the last presidential election?   (more…)

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  • Nobody Likes You Because You’re a Dragon

    Nobody Likes You Because Your'e a DragonI recently read my daughter a bedtime story (for the 987th time) which centered on a young dragon taken in by Princess Aurora (of Sleeping Beauty fame).  Starting with her husband, Prince Phillip, and continuing with each encounter with the story’s other characters Aurora is met with storybook disdain for her new pet.  The universal reason:  dragons are dangerous.  The dragon, in an effort to fit in, tries to emulate other animals who do not suffer the same unearned contempt.  But dragons are what dragons are and each attempt to be something he is not leads to moments of chaos involving, as you might guess, fire.  It’s not until the end of the story that the dragon comes to terms with what he is and finds a place in the life of the story.
    None of the characters in the story offered anecdotal evidence as to why dragons are dangerous; they just knew them to be so.  (more…)

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  • Practical Principles for Ball Python Breeders

    Practical Principles for Ball Python BreedersAs a ball python breeder I constantly evaluate the best ways to get a maximum return on my investment.  This makes me no different than any other business person, regardless of the choice of profession.  I endeavor to be pragmatic when it comes to expected profitability and I have come to believe that there many ways to do this snake breeding thing right.  Alternately, there at least as many ways to do it wrong.  What’s right and what’s wrong can vary based on circumstance and is often a matter of perspective. If the end result is little more than baby snakes poking their heads out of eggs then I know I am right to say that what’s right and what’s wrong is chock full of opinion and personal preference.  I know this because I have seen too many people be successful using too many variations of what I consider “right”.  Right, in this instance, is grey.  (more…)

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